About Us

About Us

We are a constantly growing company that continuously implements innovations. Today we are the largest and most modern manufacturer of paperboard packaging in the New York. Our production facilities, a strong team of experts, as well as professional and responsible attitude towards our activities allow us to offer our clients relevant and safe products.
We have continuously grown to form an enviable reputation within the industry. Our aim is to be the best ‘one-stop shop’ available for our customers.

We are happy and proud to introduce our standardized disposable packaging line AMERICAN PAPER CUPS. AMERICAN PAPER CUPS products are paper cups, containers for fast food and other packaging mostly designed for the HORECA sector.

We believe that our competitive advantage lies in our ability to provide fast lead times, excellent customer service and quality products.

All AMERICAN PAPER CUPS products are manufactured in New York .

AMERICAN PAPER CUPS package is safe in terms of contact with food. All production is manufactured following the strictest requirements of the USA Food Grade . We select only certified materials (paper, paint, glue, etc.) suitable for the food packaging.

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